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What's new in ACworks

Hi there,

People say that an image is worth a thousand words, so we believe there will be the whole story behind a photo collage. From the wall to your portable devices in your pocket, photo collages are a fantastic and interesting way to commemorate the best moments with your beloveds.

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[ December 27, 2019 2:19 AM ]
Announcement about New Year Holidays for 2019-2020

Dear all of valued users of ACworks,

We hope you are doing well. Thank you all for using our services.

We would like to announce that our office will be closed from December 28th, 2019 (Saturday) to January 5th, 2020 (Sunday) for New Year Holidays.

Each site can be used as usual during New Year Holidays.

Inquiries received during this period will be responded from January 6th, 2020 (Monday). Please note that the response may take some time.

Your understanding is highly appreciated.

Sincerely yours,
ACworks team

[ August 31, 2019 9:12 AM ]
Recent changes in August, 2019

Hey guys,

In August, we've had some updates at our group sites.

Website performance is improved

Website loading performance is really important for user experience. We have worked on it and tried to improve as much as we can. The first visit may take a few seconds to load, but subsequent visits will load the site much faster. Hope you enjoy browsing photos on our sites.

Users can update payment invoice's information

Some users have the needs to update some information on payment invoice, such as name, address. So we added a feature to allow users to update these information. You can check it out at My Subscription page.

Profile page of creators

Users also look for profile page of creators. We added these pages. You can browse more photos of your favorite creator.

New sites for China users

Previously, our sites load very slowly when accessing from China. To improve that situation, we have built new sites for China users. It's basically mirrored from original overseas site, except it's only in Chinese. The new sites are:

From overseas site, you can select Chinese language and you will be redirected to the new China sites.

If you have any problems, don't hesitate to contact us. We always need your feedbacks to improve our sites. Thanks a lot for all of your supports.

Best regards,
ACworks team

[ July 31, 2019 8:34 AM ]
Recent changes in July, 2019

Hey guys,

In July, we've had some updates at our group sites.

Facebook comment is added for each photo

In each photo page, any users can give comments to each photo. New comment system will be a great way to connect with other users. Please check it out.

Huge benefits for free user

Free users can now download photos instantly, without waiting time. Moreover, no attribution is required when using photo! This is maybe the most exciting change in July. Let's enjoy downloading photos.

Extra license for premium user

Extra license is the new feature in 4 sites: photoAC, illustAC, silhouetteAC and designAC. Extra license is only available for premium users.

Photos can be used for printing T-Shirt or producing some products. To be able to use photos for these purposes, users need to buy extra license for a photo.

Users can buy packs of extra license. To see more info, please go to photo detail page and try out extra license feature.

License for model release

For photos using people's faces, licenses for these models are added, so it's safe to use all people photos.

We are always looking forward to your feedbacks. Have a nice day!

Best regards,
ACworks team

[ June 30, 2019 12:00 AM ]
Recent changes in June, 2019

Hey guys,

We've had some new updates at our group sites.

New terms for author attribution

For free users, author attribution is required when downloading and using downloaded resources. You can read more about terms of author attribution here.

For premium users, you have one more benefit. That is no attribution required for download and usage of resources.

Statistics of number of users

Statistics of number of users of all sites are displayed. They include total number of free users and premium users per country, the newest registered free users and premium users per day. You can view it in from home page and login page and registered users.

statistics of users Statistics of number of users

Popular resources and newest resources

In home page, we added tabs for recommended resources, popular resources and newest resources.
You can view more popular resources here and newest resources here.

tabs in home page Resource tabs in home page

Revamping company page

We have revamped the company page. Company photos, location and introduction are added to About us page.

Inquiry page

We always listen and appreciate all of your feedbacks, so we added Inquiry page for you to freely send any feedback or questions. We will answers your them as soon as possible.

inquiry page Inquiry page

Translation form

As you see, our group sites are in multiple languages. The texts in our group sites are currently translated by machine. Some translations may not be appropriate. So we added a translation form with the hope that everyone can help to correct these translations and make our websites better. If you find any mistakes or typos in our site, please use translation form below to send it to us. Your contributions are always appreciated.

translation form Translation form

We are continually improving our website to make it one of the best choice for your working.

We love your feedbacks. If you have any comments or questions, please don't hesitate to send it to us.

Best regards,
ACworks team

[ May 31, 2019 4:35 AM ]
Notice of research and development of AI materials.

Photo AC is currently conducting research and development on AI materials. We are working on the generation of the face of a non-existent person using an AI that applies deep learning technique called GAN (Generative Adversarial Network). There is a problem with the quality because it is under research, but you can still download it, so please check it from The merit of AI material is that it is impossible to withdraw the permission to use photos from the subject, which may occur when using real person material. Therefore, you can keep using the image stably. In the future, we will continue researching to increase the number of training data and generate stable high-quality images with larger resolution.

[ May 3, 2019 12:34 AM ]
"My Subscription" feature is available

Dear friends, We're excited to announce that the new feature called "My subscription" is available at your profile setting page. What can you do with this feature? Let's check the stuff below: - Display the information of your registered plan - Display the history of charging according to your premium plan - Display your card information - Download the invoice & receipt of each charging - Allow updating your new card - Allow canceling We hope that this feature will be fulfilling for your requirement business Please enjoy it! ACworks team

[ April 8, 2019 5:26 AM ]
Share with Pinterest

Pinterest Pin It button is now available. You can find a Pin It button on the left top corner of the thumbnail on the download page. Please share images via Pinterest.

[ December 26, 2018 6:07 AM ]
The notice of 2019 new year holiday

Dear our users,

The notice of new year holidays.

The 2019 year is just around the corner. We would like to say BIG THANK to all our users for always supporting us in 2018.

In order to celebrate for 2019 NEW YEAR, we would like to inform our holiday period as below:

- Holiday period:

Friday 28th December 2018 - Sunday, January 6, 2019

- Inquiries:

In the period from Thursday 27th December 2018 to Sunday, January 6, 2019, the correspondence of inquiries will be closed. Although you can send the inquiries during this period, we will respond from Monday, January 7, 2019.


Best regards,



[ November 1, 2018 8:07 AM ]
Check out 20 NEW POWERPOINT templates at designAC

Hi guys,

We are so happy to announce that we have added 20 POWERPOINT templates into designAC site. 

There are a lot of topics that you might be looking for (Business, Online lesson, Animal, etc)

Check it and DOWNLOAD FREE AT:

Happy working and enjoy our templates. 

Best Regards

ACworks team




[ October 31, 2018 8:41 AM ]
The changes at 10/2018

Hi guys,

In order to help you track the new break changes at our group sites. At the end of the monthly, we are going to send you an introduction like this:

At October

  • The new template stock website was launched under the name designAC. At here, we provide all the best template design such as Pamphlet, Pattern, Poster, Mockup, Web template, Powerpoint, etc...

Check it out:

  • The notification feature is added. After logging in, you will see the new notifications easily at your avatar and"my profile" page as well.

  • The nickname and ICON are added at the header menu. You could change your own nickname at"My Profile" page. Default we will display your nickname as ***



  • To help you quickly find out the best image, we added the new topics at home page. Now we provided Chrismas topic at:





We hope that our sites can be the best choice for your working.

Best Regards

ACworks team



ACworks is a company that offers free stock photos, vector graphics, design templates, footage including videos and animations, and cloud-based editing tools for users with contributions of more than 38760 creators all around the globe. The number of creators joining ACworks are still increasing day by day. ACworks’ free stock sites include photoAC, illustAC, silhouetteAC, designAC, videoAC and editorAC. The contents on these websites are updated regularly on a daily basis; therefore, you can easily find the design components you want on ACworks’ platforms in minutes.

The free stock photos, vector graphics, footage, design templates, and editing tool offered by ACworks provides millions of free resources, which can be used by all kinds of businesses like advertising agencies, graphic designers, portfolio creators and others. The amount of time that you will spend on editing and designing your projects will be reduced considerably with the aid of ACworks’ free stock websites and platforms. Also, the amount of time you invest in assembling and organizing your resources will be saved because the resources on ACworks' websites are sorted by different categories, such as people, animals, flowers and plants, business and finance, medical and welfare, ecology and environment, beauty and fashion, textures and backgrounds, building and architecture, housing and interior, seasons and events, food and drink, sports and recreations, nature and landscapes, traffic and transportation, brushes, icons and others. All contents submitted to ACworks free stock photos and vector graphics platforms and websites have been checked thoroughly to avoid copyrights infringements and related issues.

Maybe one of the most attractive things we will discuss here is that ACworks website links directly with users' social media accounts. To put it simply, if you have any of the social media accounts, for example Facebook and Twitter, then you can directly link it to your ACworks account. The good thing about that is that the more followers and friends you have, then more possibilities there will be on ACworks’ websites for business purposes.

The inspiration and creativity of the creators who join ACworks make users feel like they are living in a wonderful world. The free stock photos and vector graphics can be used as a marketing strategy, a foundation for creating more designs and for advertisements by businesses. They can be applied to creating presentations, flyers, posters, brochures, menus, ads on social media and magazines; therefore, more opportunities will open up. You will not need to worry about the budget of anything since ACworks’ websites offer millions of totally free resources for you to utilize and edit as you want without spending any money.

You will get a comprehensive introduction to the material on ACworks free stock photos and vector graphics websites from the following perspectives.

You will get a comprehensive introduction to the material on ACworks free stock photos and vector graphics websites from the following perspectives.

  • Types of content on ACworks’ free stock photos and vector graphics websites
  • Composition of the content
  • Search for specific content on ACworks’ free stock photos and vector graphics websites
  • Editing graphic content on ACworks’ free stock photos and vector graphics websites
  • Usages guides and licenses of the content

1. Types of content on ACworks’ free stock photos and vector graphics websites

  • photoAC is a website that provides free stock photos and images with millions of photos from ACworks and other creators all over the world updated daily.
  • illustAC is a website that provides free stock vector graphics and clipart with millions of illustrations and images from ACworks as well as other creators all over the world updated daily.
  • silhouetteAC is a website that provides free stock silhouette vector graphics with millions of images from ACworks updated daily.
  • designAC is a website that provides free design templates with millions of images from ACworks updated daily.
  • editorAC is a website that provides free design templates and cloud-based editing tool for designers and non-designers.
  • videoAC is a website that provides free stock footage including videos and animation up to 4K resolution updated daily.

2. Composition of the content

Contents submitted or uploaded to ACworks free stock photos, vector graphics and editing tool websites are divided into different categories which facilitate users to search and sort the content more easily, hence, save their time and effort considerably.

Specifically, you can see different categories of each site below:

  • photoAC: People, Animals, Flowers/Plants, Business/Finance, Medical/Welfare, Ecology/Environment, Beauty/Fashion, Textures/Backgrounds, Housing/Interiors, Seasons/Events, Around the world, Food and drink, Sports/Recreation, Nature/Landscape, Building/Architecture, Traffic/ Transportations, Miscellaneous
  • illustAC: People, Animals, Flowers/Plants, Business/Finance, Medical/Welfare, Food and drink, Beauty/Fashion, Sports/Recreation, Transportations, Education, Stationery, Icons, Collections, Brushes, Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Backgrounds/Wallpapers, Christmas, New Year, Daily life, Frames, Flyers elements and templates, Banner elements and templates, Business card elements and templates, Postcard elements and templates, Typography, Anime/ Moe art style, Miscellaneous
  • silhouetteAC: People, Animals, Flowers, Insects, New year, Miscellaneous, Music, Food & Drink, Icons, Seasons/Events, Sports/Recreations, Transportations, Landscapes/Buildings, Tree & Leaves, Underwater creatures
  • designAC: Infographics, Posters, Patterns, Banners, Mock-up templates, Web templates, Web banners, PowerPoint templates, Brushes, Logos, Cards, Resumes, Flyers, Pamphlets, Miscellaneous
  • editorAC: Cards, Flyer, Banner, Poster, Infographic, A4 document, Invoice, Receipt, Delivery Slip, Menu, Blog Banner, Instagram Post, Letterhead, Letter, Planner, Business ID Card, Photo Collage, Zoom Virtual Background, Desktop Wallpaper, Certificate, Logo, Email signature, Calendar, Coupon, Presentation, Facebook cover, Twitter header, YouTube thumbnail, New year card, and others.

3. Search for specific content on ACworks’ free stock photos and vector graphics websites

On the websites provided by ACworks, you can use several methods to quickly find free stock photos, vector graphics, clipart, illustrations, videos, animations, and design templates that you need:

  • Search by keywords
  • Search by similar images
  • Filter and sort by popular images or recently updated images
  • Filter and exclude keyword search
  • Filter and sort by dimensions of the images: horizontal or vertical
  • Filter more by including or excluding categories
  • Filter and search by color
  • Filter and search by Creator’s name, Images’ title & ID
Search by keyword

Searching by keywords is a search function that is available on every of ACworks’ free websites: stock photos, vector graphics, clipart, illustrations, videos, animations. The search bar is displayed right on the top of the page and kept there when users move to other pages or scroll a page down. Since creators always add tags to the content submitted to ACworks, search by keywords will help users to find the images with related tags. To refine the search results, users can also search by images or filter more.

Search by similar images

Searching for similar images is another useful function that users can take advantage of when looking at free stock photos, images, clipart, vector graphics on ACworks websites. Search by similar images can be found (1) on the search bar area on the top of the page or (2) right below the search results after entering a keyword to search for images.

  • (1) When you are trying to find free stock photos and vector graphics of the same kind, you simply click on the button “Search by image” in the search bar area, upload an image and wait for the results. The uploaded images should be smaller than 5MB. Some of these illustrations/vectors are from the same photographer, while others are not. If you can't find the perfect illustration at the moment, why not click on a vector that comes closest to the ideal? Maybe it contains even better recommendations! These similar compositions and styles may also be the key to inspire your creativity.
  • (2) When you try to view the search results page, the Similar Images sections will be displayed right below the search results. You can see similar photos, illustrations and silhouette vectors at the same time. These new categories of material also provide you with more options.
Filter and sort by popular images or recently updated images

To help users refine the search results more easily, we choose to present the search results according to the publishing time (Recently) and the number of downloads (Popular). If you want to get the latest material, choose sort by Recent. If you want to get the most downloaded content, choose sort by Popular.

Filter and exclude keyword search

To show you the maximum amount of material in the library, we have relaxed the precision of the search. This is why you may occasionally see material such as "people" or "fruit" under the keyword search page for "people." If you don't like such search results, you can use the [Exclude Keywords], also located in the Refine Search field, to exclude those you don't want to see. If you exclude the keywords "people" and "fruit" in the above case, you can search for targeted people clips with greater precision. This function supports the exclusion of plural keywords/words at the same time. But remember to separate them with commas.

Filter and sort by dimensions of the images: horizontal or vertical

Photos and vector graphics uploaded to ACworks platform vary in dimensions. You can optimize the search results by sorting by dimensions/ shapes. Simply click on Vertical or Horizontal to search for the images with the right dimensions you want.

Filter more by including or excluding categories

To show you the maximum amount of material in the library, we have relaxed the precision of the search. This is why you may occasionally see material such as "people" or "fruit" under the keyword search page for "people." If you don't like such search results, you can use category filter function, which is also located within the Filter area. This function supports the inclusion and exclusion of plural categories at the same time. You can always adjust them as you wish.

Filter and search by color

Usually, color is not as helpful for vector image search as one might think ---- After all, most objects in human society are colorable. However, it is not so absolute (or even very useful) when searching for the category of people. After all, a part of the characters' fur color is even fixed. By searching by color, it is easy to limit the display of search results. In addition, you can also use this feature when looking for illustrations/vector images of people in colors that match the article or website.

Filter and search by Creator’s name, Images’ title & ID

Other filter functions you can take advantage of are filter by Creator’s name, images’ titles and IDs. If you are fans of specific creators or you are creators and you want to check how your submitted contents are displayed and downloaded on our sites, you can enter the name of creators to the filter and start searching. The same process is for the image's title and ID.

Search by Creator’s name is also useful for people who want to look for contents from ACworks creator to obtain extra licenses.

4. Edit graphic content on ACworks’ free stock photos and vector graphics websites

You want to edit an image but don't have any image editor on your devices? Think it's a hassle to download and then import the downloaded content to other tools to edit? On photoAC, illustAC, and silhouetteAC, you won't have the chance to experience such troubles! For each photo and vector graphic image on our sites, we have set an edit button. Even if you don't go to the download screen of each illustration, you can click the edit button that appears when the cursor hovers over the image thumbnail. After selecting the size that you want to edit, you will automatically jump to the free editing tool editorAC of ACworks (available in Chinese orthographic version). After the jump is complete, you do not need to run any additional operations, and the selected material will be automatically loaded on the canvas for you to edit directly. All the necessary functions for image processing are available, from reversing/aligning vector images, cropping by shape, adding text, to drawing diagrams and collaborative editing by multiple people. And the most important thing: all these are free!

5. Usages guides and licenses of the content

Suppose you like a photo, vector graphic image or footage on one of ACworks’ websites mentioned above. With a free account, you can download it completely free of charge. To suit different purposes of use, we have prepared different file formats for photos and vector graphics including JPG, PNG, AI/EPS, PSD and different sizes and dimensions for footage including 4K videos for you to choose from.

No attributions are required when you use the materials and contents downloaded from our websites. You can use our materials and contents for both personal and commercial projects as long as the uses do not violate our Terms and Usage Guides.

Total users: 7,000,000(86,913)
Total premium users: 95,150(291)
Total downloaded graphic resources